Food you should not eat if you have sensitive tooth

Tooth sensitivity is a common problem and can be caused by several factors including gum recession, exposed nerve, eating sugary foods, and acidic foods. Visiting your dentist is one excellent way to avoiding tooth sensitivity. Although all these factors can cause your teeth to be sensitive, avoiding these foods listed below can be more beneficial.

Hard candy

Hard candy for example peppermints, suckers, and lollipops are very sweet. They are sugary meaning they can cause pain to your teeth. Also, they can cause your teeth to break and avoiding them can contribute to preventing tooth sensitivity.


While tomatoes are a great source of vitamins, they are also extremely acidic and can cause pain. It only means if your tooth is sensitive, avoiding them can be a good thing.  It is also noteworthy that raw tomato and tomato sauce can cause tooth sensitivity.


Ice is not different from hard candies when it comes to sensitive teeth. It can result in fractures, and if you want to avoid tooth pain, it is important to avoid ice.


We all love soda but do you know it is not okay for your sensitive teeth? Sugar is both acidic and sugary meaning it can irritate exposed nerves of your teeth.

Hot coffee

Hot foods such as a hot coffee can make your teeth to hurt. It can be even worse if you sweeten your hot coffee with sugar.

 Citrus fruits

Fruits such as grapefruit, pineapple, lime, and lemons are all highly acidic meaning they can make your teeth more sensitive.  Acidic fruits wear away your tooth enamel. Not only eating these fruits that can cause sensitivity but also drinking the fruit juice as well.

Foods you should consider eating

Add milk to your coffee

Since hot coffee can cause pain to your teeth, it is good to consider adding some milk to your coffee. Milk assists to slightly lower the coffee temperature and its acidity and thus making it less harmful to your teeth.

Oxalate-rich food

This is an excellent alternative to foods that harm your foods, try eating foods high in oxalic acids such as carrots and spinach. Oxalic acid assists in stopping the pain to reverse the teeth sensitivity causes.


If you have sensitive teeth, talk to your about the problem. Your dentist can, therefore, determine if it is the acidic foods that you eat that are causing the problem or something else. Your dentist might advise you to switch your diet so as to avoid your teeth enamel from wearing away. Using a toothpaste intended for sensitive teeth can help alleviate the problem.

Bottom line

If you are experiencing some discomfort in your mouth, then watch out what you are eating. If you love some of the foods mentioned above, then you have no choice but to avoid them so as to prevent the pain and have healthy gums and non-sensitive tooth. Tooth sensitivity can also be avoided by having regular check-ups.

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